Registration Information

General Information

Choose to register for any of the following registration categories:
  1. Single (Individual) registration
  2. Group Registration
  3. Family Program registration
  4. Shortcourse registration
  5. Complimentary Registration
  6. Student registration
  7. We advise you use any browser to register a (corporate) group except Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).
Please endeavour to supply correct information as the system records supplied details on 'Proceed'.
While registering, Please note the following information:
  • Your Pin Code is auto generated. This Pin is your registration identifier. This will be needed On-Site to process your badges and tickets
  • You are advised to print out your details (on step 2) before payments.
  • You have an option through any of these mediums:
    1. Online using interswitch
    2. Wire transfer (Details are provided in your email after registration)
    3. Interswitch Quickteller
    4. POS (onsite payments)
  • Please note that cash payments shall not be accepted for onsite registration
  • You can only use one email for registration. Contact SPE admin for any issues arising from use of your email
  • Should you encounter registration difficulties, please contact the administrator by email or call 084775941

Complimentary (Free) Registration

Please note the following information:
  • Complimentary registration are for the following categories:
    • Special Invited Guests
    • Sponsor Chief Executives
    • Exhibitors
    • Awardees
    • Resource Persons
    • Adhoc Staff
  • All complimentary registration must conform to the rules governing complimentary registration
  • All complimentary registration must be confirmed by SPE before badges can be generated and access granted
  • SPE reserves the right to delete any entry not approved to enjoy complimentary registration

Individual Registration

Individual registration are for delegates who wish to register to attend the Conference alone. They may be self or company sponsored but payment can only be made in the name of the delegate.


Family Registration

SPE NAICE 2012 affords families to share in the experience of NAICE by organising Family Programs for member spouses and children.
Special programs are lined up for learning an entertainment.


Shortcourse Registration

SPE continuing education organises shortcourses for both members and non members. Courses available for 2012 and more information are available here.


Student Registration

All student registration shall be handled by the different student chapters of respective institutions. To enjoy students rate and other benefits, contact your chapter executives for details.
Any student registering outside the student group list shall be at non member rate

Corporate (Group) Registration

Group (Corporate) registration are for companies and individuals who wish to register as a group. Payment for the group can only be made as single group payment. Correspondences are sent to group's coordinator.
Group coordinators can do the following:


Quick Registration